Hey Gents and Gals its time for this weeks KISSTIP where KISSTIXX offers up one awesome idea to make Kissing better and trust us this tip is a sure fire way to heat things up.  Are you ready? Ok here it is:

                                            USE YOUR HANDS

It is almost impossible to be a good kisser or kiss in general without using your hands but before you jump in and start acting like the Hindu Deity Ganesh, you  know the guy with all the hands,

let Kisstixx offer up some Kissing Advice.  Using your hands more can be risky move if you play your cards wrong.  We suggest dipping your toe in the shallow end before diving head first in the deep end.  Are you picking up what we’re laying down?  Just because someone gave the green light for a kiss doesn’t mean that light has changed on seductive touching.

For the ladies, guys love it when you tickle the back of their necks; it sends shivers down the spine every time.  Guys also don’t mind the occasional lower back tickle or rub.  They like to feel that the lady is just as in to it as they are.

For the guys, ladies love, and we mean LOVE , to have their hair played with during a kiss.  Now this doesn’t mean mess their hair up or guess what, the kiss is over my friend.  When you put your hands on their face, be gentle but deliberate.  Use your fingertips to excite the nerves that lie beneath your partner’s skin and make her toes curl.  Oh yeah, the ladies love to have their necks tickled as well.

The key to using your hands is this; use your hands to hold and caress, but don’t try to steer them in another direction or position.  Using your hands is a sexy and delicate act so use them wisely.



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