Hey guys and girls it’s time for this weeks “KISSTIP” where Kisstixx throws out awesome kissing tips, kissing tricks and kissing suggestions to get either get kissed or do the kissing.  This weeks tip is a classic tip but for some reason, unknown to the universe, people still need to understand that it is NOT cool to open your eyes while your sucking face with someone.  Simply put it is creepy.  It’s not romantic.  It’s not seen as, pun intended, looking into someones soul.  It is looked upon, oops another pun, WEIRD.  Kisstixx made this video to demonstrate this point:

Kissing with your eyes open is not something that you should aspire to do.  Now we are not saying that eye contact is not needed but just like with all kissing scenarios, timing is everything.  Letting someone know you’re into them with consistent eye contact is HOT but that needs to happen before the kiss.  That is worth repeating, sexy eye contact needs to happen before the kiss.  As soon as your lips get within a centimeter of theirs, CLOSE YOUR EYES.  Soul gazing time is over, now the real fun begins.  Don’t kiss with your eyes open, please, it’s creepy.  Have fun with this tip and trust us when we say you will thank us for this tip.

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