Tumblr Ideas 3Hey guys and girls it’s time for this weeks “KISSTIP” where Kisstixx throws out awesome kissing tips and suggestions to get either get kissed or do the kissing.  We are going to talk about something very important and kind of unacceptable and it is tragic when it happens.  Did you know that 99.9% people can tell when the other person is desperate for kiss? (Stat not real but honestly we are probably right)  Desperation is a kissing and mood buzz kill, we are talking train going off the tracks buzz kill.  Kisstixx “KissTip” of the week is….(Building the suspense) Avoiding the signs of Desperation.

1. Slow down the pace- Kissing is an art form and if rushed it can ruin the whole experience.  Whether you’re the kisser or the one being kissed take your time.  Rushing a kiss is the number one thing not to do.

2. Don’t be fake, be real- When someone is desperate for a kiss they act all sorts of stupid, silly and fake.  Don’t believe us? Example if someone tells a joke like this, “What is a Karate experts favorite beverage? A kara-tea.” and the person laughs and laughs you know they are just into it for the potential action later that night.  Be real people!!!!

3. Find the happy medium- Here is the low down, if you like a person they are never going to come across as desperate to kiss you because you want the kiss, but if you don’t like a person than there are going to be all kinds of desperation themes happening.  This is also a test to really see if you like the person as well.  Test this out, we dare you!

We think this quote sums up this kissing tip “Desperation is like stealing from the Mafia: you stand a good change of attracting the wrong attention.”- Douglas Horton.  Always, always have fun while kissing but just remember that desperation can be seen coming from a mile away.

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