outsidethechocboxThis valentines day Kisstixx knows that every guy out there thinks of two things for gifts for their sweeties, flowers and boxes of chocolate.  Now, these two gifts are totally classic gift ideas but the ladies out there know that these gift are what they are going to get for Valentines Day.  Kisstixx is not just about throwing out kissing tips and ideas, we are all about educating people on why a kiss is the coolest gift you can give.  It is time to debunk the theory that girls like these traditional/classic gifts.  Pull out your phones and open the notes tab and warm up those fingers, Kisstixx is about to drop some knowledge on you.

If you google “What do women eat when they are sad,” one of the first links you can click reveals that women eat chocolate and sweet items to help them feel better.  So why on earth would a guy want to give a girl “depression food” as a gift?  Doesn’t really make sense!  The ladies out there want to feel special and wooed not be given a gift that might spark up some bad memories.

So what if you gave them a gift that they are not expecting this year?  This idea would go a lot further and put you on the top of their nice list for sure.  How about giving them a gift that keeps on giving unlike flowers that die within a week.  What about a gift that could be used over and over again?  What about a gift that every time she uses it she thinks of you?  Guys, after the most romantic date ever, not dinner and a movie BTW, but a date that made her feel like she is the only lady in the world for you, why not give her the perfect Valentines Day Kiss?  Kisstixx can help you create Valentines Day chemistry. v-day image 1

This year don’t waste your time and money on flowers and chocolate.  Think outside the chocolate box and imagine the most perfect date for your girl and end it with the most romantic/awesome kiss she has ever had.  #KeepOnKissing

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