pinterest 5Valentines Day is a day that most people, guys especially, think is an overrated holiday that really doesn’t mean anything.  Kisstixx is here to tell you that if you take a step back and look at Valentines Day from another angle you will see that it is actually a HUGE opportunity.  Before you call our bluff thinks about this.  Valentines Day is a day to land a earth-shattering KISS that will have your partner curling their toes so hard the soles of their shoes just might break.

Everyone thinks that roses and boxes of chocolates are the way to go for gifts on V-day, but the unexpected gifts or surprises are the real way to go.  PAY ATTENTION here, think outside the “Chocolate” Box this year.  We are going to offer you a couple of romantic kissing and date tips to make this Valentines Day rock the house, not literally.  These tips will help WOW your date and show them that you really have the hots for them.  Are you ready?

1. When you first get in the car go ahead and pull the other person up nice and close to you.  This will show them from the very beginning of the date that this is going to be a valentines day date you’re not forgetting any time soon.

2. At dinner reach over and whisper to your date how good they look tonight.  Do this in the most sexy/romantic way you can think of.  Take a step back and watch them blush, it’s a rush for you and for them.

3. Don’t rush anything on this date.  Don’t rush to get to a movie or to the next thing you planned.  Make sure your date knows that he or she is the ONLY thing in the world that matters.  If the world was ending you wouldn’t even realize it because your eyes, focus and attention are on your date.

4. At the end of the night your date should have no reason to ask themselves, “Is he going to kiss me?”  When you lean in for that kiss go slow.  Every romantic fiber in your body should be working in over drive.  Have soft lips, great breath and last but not least take your time.  tumblr 1

Valentines Day is a day for romance and love but it is also a day full of opportunities to get that first kiss or rekindle the romance in your relationship with one incredible KISS.



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