Being President of anything, let alone a country or nation, has to top the charts of being stressed.  When people think of this job, one of the things they think of is how much the presidents say to please people, aka, Kissing Butt.  Presidents everywhere feel the pressure of the ones they lead and the ones that they do not.

It is crazy how people react to Presidents when they kiss their significant other on camera.  Sometimes people get mad that they kiss in public and even crazier times happen when they don’t kiss in public like in this article from the Huffington Post where president Obama was booed for not kissing his wife in public.  Kissing is one of the oldest expressions of love and it is awesome when leaders and presidents show their love through a kiss.

Today is Presidents day 2013 and Kisstixx wants to celebrate the softer more fun side of some of the worlds leaders.  Below is a montage of Presidents either kissing or simply putting in time with their sweeties and showing everyone that, yes, they are indeed human beings.

PresKissing 1








Happy Presidents Day 2013!!!!

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