Kissing can be one of the most intimidating parts of dating. Whether it is your first kiss with a certain girl, or your first kiss ever, it is sure to be a nerve wracking experience. Every first kiss is different so there is no set method. However, there are certain unspoken “rules” that most people follow, and knowing them can help your first kiss experience to be a good one. Here then is a step-by-step guide for how to kiss a girl.

1. Get to Know her First

There aren’t many girls who would be willing to kiss a stranger, so make sure that you are at the right stage in the relationship to kiss her. Take her on a few dates first, so that she does not get the wrong impression.

2. Look for Signs that She Likes You

Every girl is different. Some girls will kiss you on the first date, some will want to hang out with you a few times first. A girl will let you know that it is headed in the right direction by being physical – touching your arm, hugging you etc. These kinds of signals are how girls let you know that they like you.

3. Pick a Good Date

Once you know that you want to kiss her, and are confident that she will kiss you back, it is time to set the scene. Plan a date that will give you the perfect opportunity to kiss her. This means you need to set up an opportunity for a private moment (your first kiss should not be in front of 50 other people). A good idea is to walk her to her door. The end of the date is a great time to kiss someone.

4. Watch for Signs Again

When it comes to the doorstep scene, it could go down a number of different ways. But there are some common signals that you can look out for. If the girl says goodbye and heads straight for the door, do not try to kiss her. She is not interested. If she lingers before going in, it is usually a good sign – unless she is just looking for her keys.

5. Eye Contact

Once you are both outside her door, it is up to you to make the first move. The best time is usually a lull in the conversation, when both of you make eye contact. A failsafe is to go for a hug first, hold on to her, and then go in for a kiss. But only if she looks at you. If she buries her head in your chest, the chances are she does not want to be kissed.

6. Kiss Her!

All that is left is the kiss itself. Be assertive, but not aggressive. No girl likes a guy that leads with his tongue first. Lean in most of the way, but let her come to you a little. Also make sure that your lips are neither chapped, nor too wet. Perhaps use some lip balm earlier in the day!

7. Don’t Worry About It

At the end of the day, there is only one rule of kissing. If a girl wants to kiss you, she will kiss you back. It does not matter how it comes about, just that it happens. If you go in for a kiss and get rejected, try not to feel too bad, it happens to the best of us! The next one will be that much better.

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