Every now and then Celebrities do something that causes a media frenzy, sends people flying to the web to watch and makes us all realize that even these “Superstars” do dumb things. This year at NASCAR’s Daytona 500, hip hop artist and actor 50 cent attempted to Kiss Fox News sports Reporter Erin Andrews during an interview.  This must be 50 cent’s thing cause he has kissed more that one reporter.  Why does he do this????

50 cent kisses erin

50 cent kissing lisa

You know that feeling when you see something and you have to say to yourself, “Did that really just happen?” Well this was one of these moments. 50 cent leaned in for the kiss and was rejected due to the pure shock of Erin Andrews. He missed her lips and after two head turns by Erin, 50 landed a kiss on her cheek/temple area. This will go down in history of one the most awkward and Epic Celebrity Kissing Fails of all time….  If you want to watch this video click here 50 Cent/Erin Andrews Kiss

Kisstixx knows a thing  or two about Kissing and Kissing the right way.  Every week on Friday, Kisstixx releases our weekly “KISSTIP” where we throw out an epic kissing tip to help you either gain the courage to plant that first smooch or step up your game to make your next kiss one worth remembering.  If you like the tip “share” it with your friends or better yet “share” it with the person you want to use the tip with.  Enjoy and have fun and learn from 50 cent, do not try and mack on someone who does not want it to happen.

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