3 Flavored Lip Balms for Romance

Kisstixx Lip Balm has traditionally been known for its amazing flavor combinations, but did you know that Kisstixx has designed three flavored lip balm combos made for the romantic side of life?  Yep, you heard it right so get out the picnic blankets, buy the roses and light the candles, here are the three must-have flavor combos to turn up the romance.


strawberry & chocolate kisstixx

Kisstixx is breaking out our romantic side with our Strawberry and Chocolate Lip balm.  This flavor combo was inspired by all the great slow songs in the world.  Chocolate covered strawberries and kissing simply go together.  Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love” was on our minds when we created this combo.


strawberry daiquiri & pina colada kisstixx

This romantic Flavored Lip balm combo is brought to you by any picnic that has ver taken place.  Yes there is a red and white checkered blanket, a brown picnic basket and, yes, drinks.  When the mood is right and the romance is in full bloom, let Kisstixx Strawberry Daiquiri & Pina Colada flavor combo take over.


peaches & cream kisstixx

Kisstixx Peaches & Cream brings out the softer side of Kissing.  Dare we say turn on the slow music, grab your partner and start dancing because a fantastic Kissing session starts now.  When you think peaches and cream you automatically think of love, dating and romance.  This flavor combo was created for all the bold yet sincere people out there.

These three amazing flavored lip balm combos were designed to bring two people together in the hopes of creating a little romantic chemistry between the two of them.  We only have one question for you, Which Romantic Flavor Combo would you like to try? #KeepOnKissing

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Kisstixx invades the City Creek Mall

If you know anything about Kisstixx you would know that these amazing Flavored Lip Balm combinations instantly create a reaction.

KISSTIXX went to the new City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City Utah and let people try out our new Mystery Flavor.  Watch how people react to trying out this amazing mystery flavor.

Kisstixx normally comes with two compatible flavors like Strawberry Daiquiri and Pina Colada or Raspberry and Lemonade.  Kisstixx is made for kissing.  If you want to try out one of the amazing flavored lip balms that is Kisstixx, click here.  We hope you enjoyed this video and be sure to Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see some of the awesome video reviews and Kissing prank videos we are working on.  #KeepOnKissing




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Cupid Hits Campus This Valentines Day

Cupid is known for shooting arrows at people but I bet you didn’t know he has killer dance moves! This Valentines Day cupid tries out some new moves to help people fall in love.

Around this time of year cupid is very busy spreading love for couples, singles, the broken hearted and the hopeful.  He has many tricks up his sleeve from his bow and arrow to his stellar dance moves.  Watch how cupid does his thing when he hit the campus of Utah Valley University.

Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to see more of the upcoming videos we are working on.  Happy Valentines day and be sure to always #KeepOnKissing

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8 Surprising Facts About Kissing

People all over the world kiss every single day.  These eight facts about kissing will, with out a doubt, shock and surprise you.

Tumblr Kissing 02

Kissing can be one of the most exciting and fun things you can do with someone special or a complete stranger.  There is suspense, drama, wonderment and an all out sexy buzz around kissing.  Go ahead and read on to explore eight surprising facts about Kissing and be glad that kissing doesn’t come with the price of death.

More from Kisstixx Kissing Tips- Boring kisses to unforgettable kisses

1. Science can be crazy.  Kissing, most of the time, uses one muscle, called the orbicularis oris, and that muscles responsibility is to make those lips of yours pucker up before a kiss.  Be sure to workout this muscle…

2. Did you know that kissing for ONE minute can burn up 26 calories?  The next time you think, “Should eat that piece of cheesecake?” think to yourself, FOR SURE because I have a date later tonight.

3. There is an actual scientific disease for the urge to kiss called Basorexia.  Do you. like so many people, suffer from this disease?

4. The Genis book of world records for longest kiss is 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds and was achieved by Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat (both Thailand)  Don’t believe us check it out here

5. On average, again science is at play here, two-thrids of people turn their head to the right when leaning in for a kiss.  This crazy statistic is believed to have started way back in the warmth of your momma’s womb.  The question is how did “they” get this stat??

6. XOXO started way back in the plague infested times of the middle ages.  We use this term to mean Hugs, the O, and Kisses, the K, but the origin of this is super different.  Because most people back in that time couldn’t read or write they would sign all documents, you know quills and parchment, with an X and then they would Kiss the document.

7. Italy is known for a lot things, pizza and pasta, great soccer teams, opera and the infamous Roman Colosseum.  But as a little side note in the 16th century PDA was a harsh NO NO.  Maybe harsh isn’t the word to use here because the penalty for this was DEATH.

8. Kissing on the ear can be very sexy…however remember this the next time you someone is by your ear. A woman in China partially lost her hearing after her boyfriend reportedly ruptured her eardrum with a passionate kiss. Apparently, the kiss reduced the pressure in the mouth, pulled the eardrum out, and caused the breakdown of the ear.

For more awesome Kissing articles like this one be sure to check out Kisstixx Facebook page and Blog.


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Extreme PDA Drive-Thru Edition Video

Have you ever seen PDA like this before?  Imagine if you were working the drive-thru window at a fast food restaurant and this happened?  How would you react?  Watch these people’s reactions!!!!! #KeepOnKissing #ExtremePDA

Be sure to subscribe to this video because the Kissing Experts at KISSTIXX will be posting more videos like this one.

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5 Tips to Keeping New Years Resolutions

Stop making then quickly breaking your New Years Resolutions.  Kisstixx offers up 5 tips to keeping your New Years Resolutions in 2014.

Goals 2014

Usually Kisstixx writes about Kissing Tips, Dating Tips, Relationship advice and of course Kissing but since it is a New Year we wanted to throw out 5 tips to keeping new years resolutions.  These tips are super simple for you to follow and based on our experience these tips will help anyone who applies them.  Are you ready…here they are.

1. Take a piece of paper or open your notes app and WRITE DOWN your Resolution and BE SPECIFIC .  By putting it down on paper it makes the resolution real and visible.

2. Take the resolution above and break it up into at least 4 objectives.  Example, if the goal was to run a Half Marathon in June of 2014 step two would look like this:

  • Buy running shoes that fit my foot perfectly to avoid injuries
  • Put together my training/running schedule for each week leading up to the race
  • Research specific diets/nutrition plans to help me active this goal
  • Spend at least 10 minutes a week visualizing the race and crossing the finish line

3. Make sure your resolutions can be measured.  Making huge goals/resolutions are great but unless they can be measured you;ll never know if you have kept them.  If your goal was to lose weight, thats awesome but make it measurable and say i want to lose 3 pounds a week for first eight weeks of 2014.  At the end of eight weeks you’ll know if you kept that resolution or not.

4. Pick a goal that is a little scary to go after.  This is a great way to challenge yourself and push yourself beyond what you think you can do.  The mind is a very, very powerful tool that we have and can use everyday.  Challenge yourself to grow.

5. Plan out rewards for reaching/keeping your 2014 New Years Resolutions.  Rewarding yourself is a great way to help you keeping these resolutions.  Dedicate your time effort and self to achieving these and rewarding yourself.  Don’t be afraid to make these rewards awesome.

Good luck this year, c’mon it’s a new year a time to hit the reset button and start refreshed.  We challenge you to make this year the best year you have had and a great way to making this year the best one yet is by Keeping your 2014 New Years Resolutions.

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Top 10 Celebrity Kisses of 2013

Now that 2013 is coming to an end, Kisstixx has gone back and looked over the good, the great, and the best Celebrity Kisses of 2013 and we have assembled our own version of the Top 10 Best Celebrity Kisses of 2013.  Here they are:

10. Bruce Willis kisses Emma Heming at the February premier of “A good Day to Die Hard” 2013 Kisses 2

9. Jessica Alba kisses Cash Warren durning an August errand trip into beautiful Beverly Hills 2013 Kisses 4

8. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis sneak in a quick Kiss at an LA Lakers game in November 2013 Kisses 5

7. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West smooch on a vacation to Rio De Janeiro

2013 Kisses 6

6. Tiger Woods and Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn share a kiss after a golf tournament in 2013. 2013 Kisses 8

5. Jessica Simpson kisses Eric Johnson in Italy in late October.

2013 kisses 1

4. Tom Brady kisses supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen in Boston with their kids.

2013 Kisses 9

3. Now this Kiss happened in 2012 but it is to hot to leave off any Celebrity Kissing list, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling recreate their on screen kiss from the “Notebook” at the MTV Movie Awards 2013 Kisses 10

2. Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby get in a sexy Kiss with one another as they were filing a scene for “Mania Days” in NYC 2013 Kisses 7

1. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis share a fast Kiss on a vacation to Saint-Tropez this year. (P.S. things between these two sure seem to be heating up fast)

2013 Kisses 3

That was Kisstixx Top 10 Celebrity Kisses of 2013.  Do you have any better Kisses of 2013 that yo think we missed?  Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook Page.  Cheers to the new year!!!!!!

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Why we Kiss Under the Mistletoe

iStock_000021854270SmallAround this time of year, Kissing under the Mistletoe seems to take center stage when thinking about holiday traditions.  Sure there is Santa Clause and his reindeer, Christmas lights on houses, Christmas Tress and more but kissing under mistletoe occupies a high number on the tradition lists.  But the question of WHY we kiss under the mistletoe also crosses peoples minds.  Maybe its because we love to Kiss other people.  Maybe some lonely fellow back in the day needed an excuse to kiss the lucky lady he had his eye on.

Did you know that Mistletoe has a long history that started way back with the Greeks?  They believed that s sprig of mistletoe was a kind of aphrodisiac (maybe that lonely guy above knew what he was doing after all.)  Later, in ancient Britain, mistletoe became the sacred plant of the Druids — those cloaked, third century Celts, who reveled in sacrificing “bad” people to protect the “good” people. It seems the Druids spent a lot of time in forests, not socializing, where mistletoe grew.

Later in History our friends in the frigid cold lands of Scandinavia created the ritual of Kissing under the Mistletoe.  Lets face it, they were probably looking for something to do on those cold long winter nights.  There was a reason other than coldness that they created this act.  Ancient Scandinavian myths talk of the god Balder, cool name, who received a charm from his mother Frigga. The charm protected Balder from all injuries. But Balder’s arch-nemesis, Loki, cleverly made an arrow out of the mistletoe plant. Using the arrow, one of Loki’s hit men shot Balder and killed him. But Balder’s mother Frigga appealed to the gods and got them to bring Balder back to life. (Gods can do this, especially ancient gods.) To protect her son, Frigga decreed that mistletoe could never again be used as an instrument of evil, and that anyone who passed beneath the mistletoe would receive her kiss.

Tumber Kissing Under MistletoeNow that the history lesson is over we have a question for you.  Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe?  If so how did you feel?  Embarrassed, shocked, excited?  Looking back on my first experience I can say first hand that I was excited.  Kisstixx wants to know how your experience has been Kissing Under Mistletoe.  Let us know on Facebook or on Twitter and you will be entered to win a 6-pack of Kisstixx for Christmas.  #KeepOnKissing …Under the Mistletoe.

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KISSTIXX in Bed, Bath and Beyond Harmon Stores







What’s up everyone?! We hope you’re having a wonderful fall season. We are excited to announce that starting today, KISSTIXX is available in Bed, Bath and Beyond’s Harmon and Harmon Face Value stores! What does that mean? It means we’re growing and expanding, and we owe it to you, our awesome customers and supporters. You guys rock!


The Harmon stores will be selling our two most popular flavor packs: Fire & Ice and Pina Colada & Strawberry Daiquiri.

fire & ice kisstixxstrawberry daiquiri & pina colada kisstixx








With this news, we would like to offer a recommendation for the upcoming holiday season: skip the old fashioned stocking stuffers, like toothpaste and stale candy, and fill those bad boys right. Head over to Harmon and Harmon Face Value store to get KISSTIXX packs and stuff those stockings to the brim.

Not only will you be a hero for getting a better gift for your significant other, but you’ll also benefit from the gift when he or she wants to use their new KISSTIXX right away. There aren’t a lot of things better than a Christmas morning make out session. Who’s with us on that?

Kisstixx Kissing 1Thanks again for all your support. You guys are amazing. And hopefully we’ll continue to get KISSTIXX into more and more stores, making them even easier to get your hands on. #KeepOnKissing


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Stuart Edge “Kissing In the Rain Prank”

Hey everyone!  As you may know we teamed up with our good friend and well known “Youtuber” named Stuart Edge to help us with a Kiss me I’m Irish video back in march, check out that video here YOUTUBE.   Stuart Edge has become know for doing kissing all kinds of Kissing Pranks and he is up to it again.

Kissing in the rain is one of the most romantic places to kiss.  Stuart Edge puts this to the test in his newest video.

Hope you enjoyed this video.  Share it with your friends and be sure to Subscribe to Stuart Edge’s Youtube channel for more videos like this one.  #KeepOnKissing 

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